Dental Bridges

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General Dentist Serving Herndon VA Provides Dental Bridges


Replacing missing teeth is a commonly ignored dental procedure that patients end up suffering with down the road. Dr. Kavianpour works with her patients to avoid this from occurring by creating dental bridges.


A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth by joining a replacement with the natural teeth surrounding the area. If you’re missing a single tooth, a dental bridge can be the easiest and affordable procedure in order to protect your dental health. It’s important to discuss with your general dentist serving Herndon VA if this is the right procedure for you and how it will benefit your dental circumstances.


Filling in this empty space where your tooth previously was is not only for cosmetic purposes. Without the support of the missing tooth, the rest of your teeth act around this empty area. This can result in:

  • Further tooth loss
  • Degradation of the jawbone
  • Difficulty and pain chewing
  • Shifting teeth to fill in the empty area
  • “Sunken” appearance in your face


Working with Dr. Kavianpour, you’ll find out which is the best type of dental bridge that works for you. This all depends on the location of the missing tooth, as well as other factors of your individual dental situation. The options include:

  • Traditional Bridge: With a traditional bridge, the adjacent natural teeth are shaved down and fitted with crowns. They’re then bonded to an artificial replacement tooth known as a “pontic.”
  • Cantilever Bridge: A cantilever bridge is often the best option when there are adjacent support teeth on only one side of the tooth. The pontic is supported on one side, but not the other. This is often used on the front teeth and in other areas of the mouth where there is little stress.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge: This requires little shaving down of the surrounding teeth, but instead have metal or resin “wings” on both sides of the pontic that are bonded to the surrounding teeth.


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