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How Invisalign in Sterling VA Can Create Your Perfect Smile

When it comes to orthodontics, many patients don’t realize the importance of the position that their teeth are in, even if there only needs to be minor work done. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, this can also affect your jawline and the alignment of your bite. The smallest, incorrect positioning of your alignment can, over time, severely damage your teeth.


The dilemma that patients face when it comes to orthodontics is: if there only needs to be some minor movements done, is it worth it to get metal braces?


Thankfully, Dr. Kavianpour provides Invisalign ®, invisible aligners that work to straighten your smile, improve your dental health, and give you the confidence you never knew you needed!


What is Invisalign ®?


These aligners work the same way that traditional metal braces do—straightening your teeth over time in order to give you a healthier, stronger smile. They’re removable, easy to adjust to, easy to clean, and are much less of a hassle than the alternative. Patients wear them for a majority of their day, from 20-22 hours (which including wearing them to sleep) and don’t feel halted by the look of them on their teeth because no one will notice them!


The Invisalign ® process works much like this:

  • Dr. Kavianpour will use 3D imaging and photographic technology to capture clear images of your bite and jaw in order to create the mold of the aligners
  • A discussion will occur of what these aligners will due for you in terms of the positioning of your teeth and the movement of your jaw
  • The aligners will be created in an Invisalign ® dental lab, custom-made just for your teeth, where they’ll fit comfortably and work to subtly move your teeth and jaw into the ideal position


If you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign in Sterling or Herndon VA and what this treatment can do for you, contact Brighter Smiles Dentistry by calling (703) 444-3412 to schedule an appointment or consultation.