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Detailed Discussion on Dental Implants in Sterling VA


Whether it’s due to an accident or lack of proper oral care, missing teeth can pose a serious problem when it comes to your dental health. Not only for cosmetic reasons but for physical reasons, as well. Thankfully, Brighter Smiles Dentistry can recreate your lacking smile into the one you’ve always dreamed of.


This restorative procedure is highly recommended for patients who are missing one or several teeth. The bone density of your jaw decreases because of the empty spot, but with dental implants, your teeth will stay in place while also staying strong.


For a long time, patients who have lost multiple teeth have only had dentures to rely on. While they’re a suitable option, they don’t always offer the proper amount of support that natural teeth do. Patients can struggle with dentures whether it’s when they’re eating, talking, or other simple tasks. With dental implants, patients are able to rely on their new smile to stay sturdy, offer the right amount of support, and bring a whole new set of confidence they may not have had previously!


During this procedure, you will speak with Dr. Kavianpour about dental implants near Herndon VA and what the process is:

  • Conducting a thorough examination to make sure you’re a fitting candidate for this procedure is necessary in order to see if your gums and bones are healthy enough to offer the proper support for the implants. This means no serious, active infections, no matter what!
  • There are titanium rods, or “roots,” that are placed in your jaw by a local oral surgeon. These rods act as the root of your tooth in order to keep the implant in firm place.
  • After the rods are placed, osseointegration needs to be completed, as well. This requires a waiting period to make sure the titanium rods are integrated into your jaw, fused with the bone tissue. This further strengthens the support of the rods. This process can take between three and six months to complete.
  • Once osseointegration is completed, Dr. Kavianpour caps the implants with porcelain dental crowns, a strong surface that will also be created to look just like your natural teeth so no one will be able to tell the difference!

Dental Implants VS Dentures                                 

For years, dentures have been the “go to” method for tooth replacement but patients often dread the idea of having to get dentures. Dentures have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, but are still often associated with pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Though dentures are more aesthetically pleasing then ever, they are still a removeable option which means they have the potential to slip out of place.

Dental implants are becoming more popular than ever, as they are a permanent tooth replacement solution and will never slip out of place while you are talking or eating. Even the best dentures are held in place via suction or adhesive and cane easily slip out of place; dental implants will never have that problem.

Dental implants are small, titanium rods that are surgically placed into your jawbone to replace your natural tooth root. Once placed and healed, porcelain crowns, a bridge, or even dentures can be placed.

Once placed and healed, dental implant patients report no pain and an increased quality of life. Dental implants do not fall out of place while talking, laughing or chewing – allowing you to eat the foods you love! 


Of course, every patient’s appointment will always vary and no two patients are the same. It’s important to thoroughly discuss this with Dr. Kavianpour in order for patients to understand the time-intensive procedure and how this can benefit them if they are a candidate. To learn more about dental implants near Herndon VA, contact our office by calling (703) 444-3412 today to schedule a consultation.