Patient Written Reviews

Sterling Dentist serving Ashburn, Herndon, Reston, & Loudoun, VA

Hossein Solimani  -- Dr. Kavianpour has a beautiful practice in Sterling VA. All of the staff were 
exceptionally kind to me and were very helpful.  Even though I was nervous I could tell that I would 
be in good hands with Dr. Kavianpour.
Kathy Long  -- I no longer dread going to the dentist. My experiences at Dr Kavianpour's office have 
always been terrific! I would refer anyone (especially those that are squeamish or scared of dental 
treatment) to Dr. Kavianpour and her entire office of extremely professional and competent staff!
Michael Lamberton  -- Even with all my insecurities and fear, you put me to rest and treated me like 
a friend, not just a patient.  You went over and above making me comfortable, thank you so much!!
Kathy Long  -- I had to schedule a last minute emergency appointment, but it was not a problem, Dr 
Kavianpour worked me in.
Mohammad Zarkesh   -- I had two fillings done by DR. Kavianpour today and I didn't even feel a 
thing, nothing, nada, It was great! What felt better then that was how amazingly comfortable I felt 
that I almost fell asleep, while my procedure was getting done. Thank you Doctor for making my 
experience at the dental office a great one!
Anthony Palm  -- Dr. Kavianpour, Mildred, Mary, Sarah, Reza, and all the staff go out of their way to 
make me feel welcome and like I'm the only patient they have. With the team at Brighter Smile, a 
visit to the dentist isn't such a PAIN!
Carol Vago  -- Your office is one that has compassion & tries to meet the needs & anxiety levels of 
your patients. And they make your experience one that makes it easy to keep going back. I would 
not go anywhere else.
Kathy Long  -- I am a long term patient and have always been very happy with my treatment!!!
Mary Peel  -- One of the first things I noticed about Brighter Smile is how friendly and personable the 
dentist and hygienist were! This made my visit there pleasant, which is unusual for a dentist visit. I 
actually look forward to my next visit so I can visit with them again! :)
Gretchen Shook   -- For most of my life I was in fear of going to the dentist since I had bad 
experiences as a child. But from the first visit I was put at ease. They made sure that at each step I 
was asked if I was comfortable and they would stop if I felt stress. They didn't make me feel foolish 
because of my fear.
Anonymous  --  A very caring, skilled and highly professional practice!
Sean Newsam  -- I went to see Dr. Kavianpour for a routine check up and ended up needing a deep 
cleaning. That visit in itself was very pleasant, the Dr. and her staff are absolutely wonderful. When 
the deep cleaning was first scheduled I was nervous because of the thought of having my gums 
Ronda Barbuschak  -- Dr. Kavianpour is not only an excellent dentist, but she is also extremely 
considerate of the patient's fears and needs. She does great work at the same time being very 
personable!  She is a dentist you can trust.
Anonymous  -- Excellent manners treating the patient. Very meticulous handling treatments. 
Provide options to handle future treatment issues. Everyone is cordial starting with the reception all 
the way to saying good bye.
Kathy Long -- It seems funny to say that I enjoy a trip to the dentist, even with the inevitable 
discomfort that unfortunately comes with dental work, but I do. Dr Zahra and her team are the 
BEST! Kathy
Rachel Norton -- I have not been to the dentist in 10 years.  I was scared to death!! I can say nothing 
but wonderful things about the dentist and her staff. I am a patient for life!! Thank you, thank you, 
thank you!!
Richard Collier -- Brighter Smile Family Dentistry provides great treatment advice and the quality of 
work is top notch. I have been extremely satisfied with all work performed by Brighter Smile Family 
Dentistry and recommend them to everybody we know.
Nancy Nelson -- The professional and friendly staff make going to the dentist actually pleasant!
Anonymous -- Great Customer Service atmosphere.  Could use improvement on explanation of 
dental procedures and/or treatment.
Julie Smith -- I was seen on time and treated with sensitivity and professionalism.
Anonymous -- This office did not exceed my expectations. Just like any other dental office, but very 
Candy Weihs -- What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon such a great dentist office with friendly 
receptionists and quick, professional service! And tech savvy, no less.
Anonymous -- Taking into consideration that a visit to the dentist is not something I look forward to, 
the staff at this dental facility makes my experience comfortable.
Marzia Kavianpour -- Very professional excellent job!
Anonymous -- This was the most uneventful cleaning that I've had in a very long time. Your new 
hygienist (who I'm so embarrassed I can't remember her name) was just a complete delight.  She's 
was very responsive to my needs and continued the tender care that Dr. Kavianpour provides and 
why I return to this practice!
Hossein Akhavan -- The best caring dental team.
Irene Day  -- Highly skilled dentist who keeps up with technology and has excellent customer service.
Pauline Wrattem -- Considering I'm not enthusiastic about going to the dentist, I have had good 
experiences with this one.
Lisa Thomas -- Great customer service, friendly staff that make you feel comfortable. The dentists 
and dental assistants are very experienced, and knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. VERY 
accommodating for those with tight schedules. I love going there! :)
Anonymous -- For someone having a fear of the dentist, I found the office very calming, and the staff 
very professional and caring.
Anonymous -- The procedure was virtually painless and didn't take as long as I expected.
Walter Whitford -- Before visiting Brighter Smile I hadn't seen a dentist in 18 years.  I was afraid of 
the pain. Thank God I came to Brighter Smile and Dr. Kavianpour . From the moment I entered the 
office I felt at ease. Dr. Kavianpour explained every procedure she was going to do and did 
everything to make sure that I was comfortable . I now actually look forward to my visits . She has 2 
great assistants Mildred and Mary. They are very professional and kind. In fact everyone in the office 
is great. Thank you Dr Kavianpour, you will always be my Dentist.     
Larry Lavely -- Always a pleasure to keep appts.  with Brighter Smile - even tho'  it is going to the 
dentist which used to strike fear in the hearts of kids as we were growing up!
Svetlana Rassulove -- So far I am completely satisfied with the services. Nice to know that staff 
remember your name whenever you call. Going there for almost 1 year and happy with it.
Brian Day --  Thanks for taking care of me in a timely fashion!
Thomas Rich -- This was my first appointment. I had some major work to be done and the Dr and her 
staff were very through. We are moving to the area and chose them from reviews on the internet - 
glad we did.
Dianne Rich -- I felt nervous as it was the first time with this dentist but everyone made me feel 
welcome and once I was in there I was not nervous anymore.
Ronda Barbuschak -- Dr. Kavianpour and her staff are the best at what they do.  She is extremely 
knowledgeable and her hygienist is gentle and precise. All of the staff there makes the fear of going 
to the dentist as palatable as possible!
Thomas Rich -- Dr. was great - no pain or discomfort once I got home.  She did a great job along with 
her assistant.