What To Know About Dental Implants

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Necessary Information about Dental Implants in Sterling VA


Keeping our patients educated about potential procedures that may need is a goal here at Brighter Smiles Dentistry, which is why Dr. Kavianpour has provided some important facts when it comes to dental implants in Sterling VA.


Missing a tooth or multiple teeth is a serious issue, but many patients don’t treat it as such. Without the support of all of your teeth working together, there can be serious shifting of your teeth, as well as compromising the health of your gums and maybe even the rest of your body, as well!


Having the right information when it comes to a serious procedure as dental implants is the key to working towards having the smile that you’ve always wanted. The information will also be further discussed with Dr. Kavianpour during your consultation or appointment, but this is also provides helpful facts about dental implants.

  • Letting the space of a missing tooth or teeth stay exposed not only causes your smile to suffer, but your oral health can suffer, as well. The surface of your gums is exposed, as well as putting the rest of your teeth and jaw at risk for infections and diseases.
  • The time period for this procedure can be quite extensive. Depending on the individual patient’s situation, this can take several months to a year to fully be completed. Osseointegration is the main reason that the healing process is so long, allowing your jaw to integrate with the titanium root that’s used to support the future crown.
  • Keeping up with your dental hygiene routine is absolutely necessary to make this procedure worth it. If properly treated, your dental implants can last a lifetime! The materials are built to last, but it is also up to you in order to maintain that strength and have an everlasting smile.
  • The procedure is extremely safe and completed by professional, oral surgeons who have committed their life to this practice. Working together with the surgeons, Dr. Kavianpour makes sure that the procedure is as safe and effective as it possibly can be.


It’s no surprise that you still may have questions about this procedure! After all, not every patient has the same dental situation. This is why contacting Dr. Kavianpour in order to schedule an appointment or consultation is the next best step to take in order to further discuss this procedure and why it’s right for you. Call our office at (703) 444-3412 today!